Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Random Things About Me (Jessie)

1. Some nicknames: Jess, Missy, Miss, Swiss Miss, Jeffis, Jeff, Jerf, Curly, Ssica (courtesy of my friend Mike), and Cousin It (thanks, brothers)

2. I sometimes attract strange men. This one time, a guy sat next to me in a movie theater and tried to impress me with his vast wealth of Superman trivia, including the fact that he was learning Kryptonese, "the language of Superman." I also got stuck next to a guy named Mushroom on a plane, once, who told me he found his twin in Japan.

3. I've taken 7 years of voice lessons, which has resulted in my ability to do a passable opera singer imitation.

4. I've had Type 1 diabetes for 20 years. Sometimes I deal with it fine, other times I hate it and worry about complications. One of the worst parts of having it is that it NEVER goes away. However, it did result in some interesting quotes being attributed to me in college (i.e., "I feel really high right now - Jessie Jelsing, Theology Major").

5. Curiously, Altoids always make me sneeze. Without fail.

6. On a typical workday, I spend at least an hour-and-a-half commuting. I listen to a lot of music.

7. My current occupation is being a temp in the mortgage department of a filing company. You really don't want to hear more (your mind probably started wandering at the word "temp" or "mortgage," anyway).

8. I have been blessed with thick, curly hair. And eyebrows that rival Groucho Marx's when I don't pluck them.

9. I'm living in L.A. with my longtime friend Bethanie, whom I've known since we were 9, and she's AMAZING.

10. Some of my favorite things: reading, traveling, cats, swing dancing, Trader Joe's, dead theologians (as in Augustine, Athanasius, Calvin, etc.), funny people, sincere people, roller coasters, and coffee dates.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This one time... A Compilation of the Last 6 Months

Jessie and I have been roommates since September 09. In that time, we have had many spontaneous (and some planned) adventures. Let me update you on the past six months.

This one time, we went to The Freak Show at Venice Beach. This was fascinating and enlightening. We saw two headed turtles and saw a man swallow a sword. There is nothing quite like Venice Beach

This one time, we visited Santa Monica Pier and the Promenade. The Pier is of course amazing with the ferris wheel lights and games that go on there, but the real highlight was watching the dogs on skateboards at The Promenade.

This one time, we went to a Dueling Piano Bar and were serenaded a very dirty song while sitting on the piano. Well, it was my birthday and they had Jessie come up with me and let's just say they made the assumption we were catholic school girls (not too far off) because of how uncomfortable we were. It was hilarious, but I can't look at cats the same.

This one time, we got annual passes to Disneyland and went with our other roommates at the time. So much fun! It's the Happiest Place On Earth!!!

This one time, we went to the Griffith Observatory, one of our favorite places. An amateur photographer asked Jessie if she could take her picture for her class. The light was hitting her perfectly and the scenery was breathtaking. I love the view of the Hollywood sign, the exhibits (I'm a nerd, I know), and even the view of the smog covered city. It is a place where you can feel like you are way far away from the city even though it is right below you.

This one time, we went to Hollywood for Halloween. I went as the Bonus Jonas-Franky, with my other roomies and Jessie went all out Cindy Lauper. It was madness!!! We saw many Lady Gaga's, Propofols, and SO many others. It was a little disappointing because not many people actually knew who we were, but I can't really blame them.

This one time, we MOVED! Yup, right around Thanksgiving we moved into our own little apartment. Just the two of us former Seattlites down here now. We had a house warming party and invited Jessie's co-workers and my grad school classmates. So much fun playing Apples to Apples, watching Christmas Vacation and some drinks and food all around.

This one time, we explored the mountains by our new apartment and met a guy who captured a tarantula and held it up by its leg for us to see up close. YUCK! Hopefully that was a one time event.

This one time, we went to Hollywood. We had amazing coffee at Intelligentsia off of Sunset and then continued on to the Walk of Fame. Jessie and I had a great time just looking at all the names as we walked by. Then when we got closer to Grauman's Chinese Theatre some funny things happened. First, were crossing a street and had a few guys in walking front of us. One saw us and did a double take and then told his little friend, "look behind you, look behind you, look behind you...." Um. Ok, hun, we are right here and have great hearing, but thanks for the compliment. So I go around them and pretend not to hear. Then the guy catches up to us, taps me on the should and asks if I will help his little friend (seriously probably a 12 year old boy) learn how to talk to girls. I look at the boy, who was shaking his head and obviously mortified. I took pity and told them that he had plenty of time to learn about girls. We continued you on the the theatre and then of course met up with some more interesting men. Mr. Incredible and his pirate friend were standing on the sidewalk and stopped us. He started asking us questions and they told us he accepted kisses for pictures and twirled us around in dance style movements. Let me just say Mr. Incredible, was Mr. Incredible and definitely thought about his offer more than once. Hollywood is definitely and interesting place and a great ego boost- at least for two 25 year old single and attractive females.

This one time, we went to Disneyland in the pouring rain. Jessie and I are both born and raised from Washington state, so a little rain we laughed and thought what a great day to go to Disneyland, it will be empty! Let's just say Seattle rain is not the same as LA rain. We were drenched in the first 5 minutes... so we got some coffee (another very Seattle thing to do). Once we hit the park it was awesome. No lines! We even got to walk into the Blue Bayou with no reservation, impossible! We walked onto Space Mountain twice in a row. An epic day at Disney and one for the books. Plus they still had the Christmas decor up and it is magical.

This one time, we went on a road trip to Arizona to visit Jessie's mom. Unfortunately, Jessie was sick, so we took it easier than originally planned. We did go to an authentic cowboy bar, "learn" how to line dance and watch the bull riders up close. We also took a day trip to Jerome and saw Sedona from the distance in our amazing view from our lunch spot, The Haunted Hamburger.

These are the highlights of our last six months and I hope that you join us on our adventures of the next six months. I am confident that our adventures will be continue to be crazy and fun. I am looking forward to sharing life with you and I know Jessie is too!

Peace and Love, Bethanie